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boku wa, boku wa, shiritai

aisuru tte donna koto

1 April
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the flower that blooms in adversity,
is the most rare and beautiful of all.

→ roleplay journal for sakura (trc)
→ played by espo (winged_requiem).

character profile.
→ lives with axel and roxas.

" when I was darkness at that time, my lips suddenly shivering
i cry in the corner of this room. nobody can save me.
only god can save me now. it's like you've stopped
and torn up my love. i need your love. i'm a broken rose.
oh baby free me from frozen pain. your smile just might save me.
the dying, falling sadness of my soul. i want to need your love.
i'm a collapsing, lonely little girl. when you were with me at the time.
could you be kind, and softly kiss me? "

ROSE (anna inspi' nana)

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