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Fai-san... he's here, too. Moko-chan must be with Syaoran-kun, I-I'm pretty sure...

Fai-san, Kurogane-san... when... w-when do you want to v-visit? I'll come p-pick you up, if you like, or, you can find y-your way here.

Axel-san, onii-san.. you're really o-okay with this, aren't you? I... I don't want to put you through any t-trouble...

I.. I had a thought. I-If Fai-san and Kurogane-san come, maybe I'll have t-to leave with t-them.. or g-go be with them...

I would like to be together again, but... I don't want to leave onii-san and Axel-san behind. W-We're a family n-now, aren't we? I just... just can't walk out. B-But... the f-five of us before, we... were a family, too...

I just don't know what to decide..
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